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3 Easy-To-Master Magic Tricks You Can Do!

Everyone loves to be fooled by a magic trick. But what if you’re the one playing the part of the magician? Even better! Illusionists Chris & Ryan from the Zubrick Magic Theatre are going to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain and reveal three easy-to-master magic tricks you can do. Everything you’ll need can be found lying around the house and, with a little bit of practice and a willing audience, you’ll be performing miracles in no time at all!


Colorful Crayons

The Effect:

Give your spectator a box of crayons. As you turn your back to them, ask the spectator to choose one crayon, remember it’s color, and place it in your hand. Without looking at the crayon, you’re able to magically reveal exactly what color crayon was chosen! This is an incredible sleight-of-hand magic trick you’ll be able to perform instantly!

The Items You’ll Need:

  • A small box of crayons.

The Secret:

  1. Stand with your back facing your spectator. Keep your hands behind your back and ask them to choose a crayon and place it in your hands.

  2. Feel it in your fingers and turn to face the audience with your hands still behind you.

  3. Talk about your magical ability to read minds and ask the spectator to think of the color they have chosen; as you do this, scrape the crayon with your right thumbnail to transfer some wax.

  4. Keeping the crayon behind your back in the left hand, distract your audience with your right hand by making magical hand gestures. Say something like, “Picture the crayon color in your mind.”

  5. Wave your hand in front of your eyes and take a glimpse of the color in your thumbnail.

  6. Now, magically reveal the chosen crayon color and take a bow to thunderous applause!

With very little practice, you’ll be able to amaze and amuse your friends with this incredible crayon prediction!



The Effect:

Two ordinary household paperclips are clipped onto a dollar bill. With a flourish of the hands, the paperclips spring into the air and mystifyingly link themselves together!

The Items You’ll Need:

  • One dollar bill.

  • Two paper clips.

The Secret:

  1. Take a dollar bill and accordion-fold it into thirds so it’s shaped like an “S”.

  2. Attach one of the paperclips to the front of the dollar bill from the top, with the shorter side of the clip facing you. The paperclip should go over the outer layer of the folded bill as well as the middle layer, and it should be clipped near the edge of the bill, not near the fold.

  3. Attach the other paperclip to the back of the dollar bill from the top, with the shorter side facing away from you. Again, the clip should go over the outer layer of the bill as well as the middle layer.

  4. Take one end of the dollar bill in each hand and give it a quick snap. The clips will fly upward into the air (be careful of your eyes) and when you pick them up, they’ll be magically linked together.

This baffling magic trick is just as fun to perform for yourself as it is for others. Give it a try!




The Effect:

Tell your audience that you can move a pencil without touching it, but by using your mind power.

The Items You’ll Need:

  • A pencil.

  • A flat surface.

The Secret:

  1. Place the pencil on a table or other smooth and level surface.

  2. Tell your spectator, with a little bit of magic and static electricity, you’ll be able to move the pencil without touching it.

  3. Pretend to build up static electricity by quickly rubbing your hands together.

  4. Hover your hands 8-10 inches above the pencil.

  5. Focus intently on the pencil and make it appear very challenging. You can also pretend you need more static electricity and rub your hands together once again.

  6. With your hands back in position, secretly and gently blow on the pencil. Do this without making an obvious blowing face.

  7. If you do this correctly, the pencil will roll along as if by magic or static electricity! Don’t forget to take a bow and receive your well-deserved round-of-applause.

We hope you enjoyed learning these three easy-to-master magic tricks! Don’t forget, every magician should follow these rules:

  • A magician never reveals the secret.

  • Don’t repeat the same trick for the same audience.

  • Practice, practice, practice.

  • Above all… have fun!

Have you ever performed any magic tricks before? How did your audience react? Let us know in the comments section below.

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