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Building A Magic Theatre

For as long as we can remember, we dreamed of creating our own theatre space to perform our unique blend of magic and grand illusion. Our dream has finally come true. Thanks to hard work, determination, commitment and the unwavering support from friends and family, we are pleased to announce our theatre will make its home in the EDGE District of downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

Zubrick Magic Theatre Storefront

We are passionate about producing a fantastic, one-of-a-kind experience for our audience. Our goal is to amaze and entertain people of all ages and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to the launch of our magical venture which creates a new, thrilling and mesmerizing experience for the St. Petersburg community and its year-round tourists.

Currently under construction at 1211 1st Ave. N. is the Zubrick Magic Theatre which is tentatively scheduled to be completed by July of this year. To others, it may only look like a blank canvas: a concrete floor, bare walls, and an exposed ceiling. But we see nothing but potential. Over the next several months this empty and otherwise ordinary space will be transformed into something wondrous and magnificent.

Zubrick Magic Theatre Blank Canvas

From the very beginning, we started to AutoCAD different ways to position the stage, the audience seating and the lobby. Restrooms were already built out, so that was a bonus! We hired Fraze Design as architects to help walk us through local building codes, ADA requirements and other technical specifics. We researched what was required, everything from the rise of the steps on the seating platform to fire-rated curtains and health department regulations. Once the drawings were completed, we engaged Ed Seifried Construction as our general contractor and the build out commenced.

As entrepreneurs, we like to remain very involved and hands on. From ordering drapery and light fixtures to upholstering benches and designing our marketing collateral; we enjoy the process, and some would say it’s a labor of love.

Walls will go up, carpet will go down, theatrical lighting and rigging will be installed. Stay connected with us as we share the magical metamorphosis from clean vanilla shell to a warm and inviting performance venue filled with awe and wonder.

This is show business, and we’re spending most of our time now on the larger of the two words – business. The reward comes when the audience is seated, the house lights dim, and the show has begun!

Click here to reserve your tickets before they all... disappear!

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