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Top 10 Reasons People Love Magic Shows

Audience enjoying Zubrick Magic Theatre

Remember when you were a kid, and someone would reach behind your ear and magically find a quarter? Or maybe you saw a magic trick performed on television that left your head spinning in disbelief. There’s something about the unexpected, the unexplained and the unusual that piques our interest. Why do people love magic shows? Because the experience…

#10 …appeals to a multigenerational audience - the young and young at heart.

#9 …delivers fresh new ideas and discovery.

#8 …is fun and great value for an evening of entertainment.

#7 …shares memorable moments with family.

#6 …brings child-like wonder back into our lives.

#5 …is unique and gives audiences a lot to talk about afterward. “How did they do that?”

#4 …gives us a chance to disconnect from social media, news and other stress.

#3 …helps us reconnect with friends.

#2 …of magic is universal and transcends all language and cultural barriers.

And the #1 reason people will love Zubrick Magic Theatre when it opens this summer?

…it will be an escape from the isolation we have experienced during the pandemic and an opportunity to enjoy a live performance!

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